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YouTube Podcast

Eledumare: Yoruba Worship Music

A podcast playlist because it's about the music (the sound). Experience the beauty of Yoruba worship songs with this playlist of eclectic originals and reimagined age-old favorites. Perfect for deep contemplations and introspection, each track is simply an expression of peace and tranquility. ​

YouTube Podcast

Rhythms of Reality: Songs of Society and Survival

Embark on a sonic exploration with 'Rhythms of Reality'. This collection brings together music from various genres, each piece a poignant commentary on societal issues, economic realities, and the pragmatism of life. Join me in this musical narrative that speaks volumes about the world we live in, and the future we're shaping. ​

YouTube Podcast

Echoes of the Soul: Faith, Hope, and Love

'Echoes of the Soul: Faith, Hope, and Love,' is  playlist poadcast that delves into the rich tapestry of human experiences through the lens of Christian music. This collection traverses the spectrum of life's moments, from the peaks of joy to the valleys of challenge, capturing the essence of faith, hope, and love in every note. Each song is carefully selected to reflect the diverse realities we encounter, offering a balanced portrayal of life's journey. From uplifting anthems that celebrate triumphs to contemplative melodies that resonate with our struggles, 'Echoes of the Soul' is an authentic exploration of the human spirit. This playlist is not just about music; it's a companion for reflection, a source of comfort, and a beacon of light in every season of life. Join us on a musical journey that honors both the joys and the trials of existence, all viewed through the compassionate and hopeful perspective of Christian faith. 'Echoes of the Soul: Faith, Hope, and Love' invites you to experience the depth and breadth of life's stories, united by the threads of faith, hope, and love.


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