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Our Story

Dehumo creates music art, forms of self-expression using melody, harmony, rhythm, sonic scapes and lyrics, often with ethnic tones and vernacular.

Dehumo's Music & Art Kulture (DMA Kulture) is his platform for sharing the created musical experiences with the world.

As a social artist embracing the essence of a collective voice, his creations regularly feature other music artists in much the same way as fine artists or sculptors feature models in their work.

Personally, with over 30 years of production experience, Dehumo has the vision to give voice to authentic ethnic expression of faith (Christian), hope (life commentary) and love (matters of the heart) working with a fundamental principle of substance over form.  

Dehumo approaches music and creative media art as an extension of the inner self (individual) and culture (collective) with a mission to connect people to themselves and letting the desire for unhindered expressivity drive the manifested artistic performance in any area of life - professional, social or religious.

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