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Eledumare Vol. 2 Remastered

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This recording was made over 20 years ago. I just did some remastering before releasing it again now.

Eledumare Vol. 2 is a 7-medley collection of popular Yoruba (Nigerian) praise and worship songs. Truly and thoroughly Yoruba. An unpretentious expression of worship in spirit and in truth.

For those who know me know I love authentic ethnic vernacular expressions of worship as I find it enables true expressiveness.  I love layers, repetition and soulful, easy listening soundscapes and textures to invoke familiarity and minimise distraction…  While I didn’t quite achieve the sound I wanted on this album, over the years after this recording, I have had the opportunity to get closer to it. I did take a break for a while but I never actually stopped.

This was my first ever recording and while I have contributed in various ways to many other songs and albums since this one, this one still holds a special place in my heart and represents a special sound and interpretation of praise and worship that continues to play a powerful role in my private worship life and quiet moments. The praise chant in Iba Re (first track) to the exploration of the many names and expressions of God in Baba Eledumare to one of my real favourites, the layered Eru re’n bami, this album never seems to get old.

So, to all those who had it before and wanted it back, to those who wrote to me asking for where they can get it and to those who will be listening to this for the first time, I want to say, thank you and look forward to hearing about your experiences as you engage with the songs.


Also available on all major music distribution and streaming platforms. 

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